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Novomix is a homogenous ready to use mixture for film coating of tablets. It consists of all the ingredients required for film coating of tablets such as film forming polymers, plasticity giving plasticizers, opacifier, pigments and other additives.

Novomix is a ready mix film coating material in powder form which can be reconstituted in any solvent system such as Aqueous/Organic/Hydro-alcoholic as per the requirement or need of the customer and on the properties or nature of API’s used in the formulation development.

Novomix is a customized product made by taking into consideration the compatibility of API with ingredients used in novomix in general and plasticizers in particular.

Novomix is an equipment friendly product which can be used in conventional as well as modern high-tech coating machines with equal ease.

Novomix is designed, developed and manufactured under expert technical professionals with respect to F&D, QA, QC and Production, which results its high quality and consistency. The most modern and accurate Color Matching Spectrophotometer ensures its color-matching consistency.

  >> View on NEPL’s QC/QA activities

NEPL has expert QC/QA team. The quality control laboratory is well equipped with sophisticated instruments calibrated on regular basis.

Quality Assurance (QA) of NEPL’s deals with planned and systematic activities implemented in a quality system so that consistent quality of product and service will be satisfied. It is the systematic measurement, comparison with a standard, monitoring of processes and an associated feedback loop that confers error prevention. This can be performed by quality control under the supervision of QA, which is focused on process outputs.

Quality Control involves product testing, where every product is examined for its predetermined specifications. Colour Matching is the most critical and important test and QC of NEPL uses a Spectrophotometer (Premier color scan) for colour matching for product approval. QC emphasizes testing of products to detect the non-compliance and reporting to QA who is the decision maker for the product release.

The most versatile, accurate and advanced Color Matching Spectrophotometer Model no. SS5100A, Make: Premier Colourscan. Ensures color consistency of NOVOMIX.

This is graphical presentation of both standard and batch films. From the graph we can ensure the perfect colour matching & consistency of  NOVOMIX.

  >> Colour Difference Report  

 Standard  BLUE 2001
 Batch  C1

 L* =  61.267  61.030  DL* = -0.237  Darker
 a* =   -7.898 -7.962  Da* = -0.064  Greener
 b* =  -27.303  -26.687  Db* = 0.616  
 C* =  -28.422  27.849  0.573 Duller
 H* =  -253.837  253.358  DH* = -0.235  
       dE* = 0.663  

  Observer        : 10 Degree  Mode          : Reflectance
 Colourspace  : CIELAB ( 1976 )  Spectro       : 5100A
 Illuminant      : D65  Judgement : PASS

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