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is a homogeneous ready mix film coating system for tablets, consisting of all the necessary ingredients such as film forming Polymers, Plasticizer, Pigments, Opacifier and other additives.

NOVOMIX is a ready mix film coating system in powder form which can be reconstituted in any solvent system such as Aqueous / Hydro-alcoholic / Organic as per the choice and needs of the customers, and on the nature of the active ingredient in the formulation.

NOVOMIX formulation are safe and Non-toxic, as per the toxicological studies, conducted on various NOVOMIX formulations.

NOVOMIX is an equipment friendly & robust formula which can be used with ease on conventional as well as advanced coating machines.

Physico-chemical properties of NOVOMIX measures up to International standards :
  • Film Tensile Strength
  • Water Vapour Transmission Rate (WVTR)

  • NOVOMIX is designed, developed and manufactured in an approved premises by FDA, supported by Current Good Manufacturing Practices and Quality Systems which ensures consistent high quality product.
    Salient features of NOVOMIX
    1. NOVOMIX forms a very thin polymeric film on coated tablets, hence the tablet size remains unchanged, therefore tablets can be easily packed in any kind of packing material.
    2. NOVOMIX mask the unpleasant taste of the API in the tablets & make tablets palatable.
    3. NOVOMIX protects the API of tablets from moisture and light, thus enhance its stability.
    4. The film forms with NOVOMIX gets breakdown with a little agitation in the stomach or intestine which do not affect the drug release.
    5. NOVOMIX enteric protect the drug from the gastric fluid & release the drug after the stomach e.g. in the intestines.
    6. The drugs like Aspirin, Diclofenac and Naproxen which most commonly cause gastric irritations can be coat with NOVOMIX enteric coating system.
    7. Anti-Ulcerative drugs & Enzymes is itself broken down in acidic medium & gets destroyed hence NOVOMIX enteric coating system is recommended.
    8. NOVOMIX is available in the specialized formulation with the incorporation of organoleptic ingredients such as different flavour & sweeteners.
    NOVOMIX is consistent with respect to shade & quality with the ease of operation. It can be use with any coating system & coating equipments.
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